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Fab-Form products are highly innovative fabric cement forming membranes that replace the use of plywood or large size lumber for forming. These green, environmentally friendly products cut down costs by reducing forming lumber and also by saving labour time all while saving your back from hauling around lumber and plywood.
These products are used primarily for footings ( great for step footings ), slabs, grade beams, and columns.

The footing material costs less than $1 / linear foot and comes in rolls of 120’ in a variety of widths.

The tubing material for columns comes in diameters of 6”, 8”, 10”, and 12” and is priced at $1 / linear foot up to $2 / linear foot also in rolls of 120’.

PostHeaderIcon Fast Foot®

Fastfoot® is a fabric footing form that prevents rising damp. Stakes are driven into the ground, 2x4 screed boards attached at the correct height, and Fastfoot® is stapled to each 2x4 to form and protect the concrete from ground moisture.

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PostHeaderIcon Fast Tube™

Fast-Tube™ is a revolutionary column form replacing cardboard tubes. Manufactured from high strength fabric, Fast-Tube™ comes on rolls (60' or 120') and in diameters ranging from 8" to 24". Installation, pouring and stripping is quick and simple.

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PostHeaderIcon Fast Bag®

The all new Fastbag® is a revolutionary footing form for column and point loads, manufactured from high strength polyethylene fabric. It's 100 times faster and lighter than lumber, and prevents rising damp.

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