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Arxx Products

Build yourself a green, energy efficient, sustainable, cost effective home using Arxx® insulated concrete forms. Arxx ICF homes have an efficiency value comparable to R-40. This translates into heating costs which are 50% of typical values saving you hundreds of dollars annually over the many years of increasing heating costs. .

An Arxx ICF home or structure will cost  on average 2% more than conventional methods. It no longer makes sense to build using conventional methods. When you build with Arxx® ICF’s you are helping the environment by using less trees in the initial construction. The life expectancy if an ICF home is 300 years as opposed to 100 years using conventional methods again saving 3 times the trees used. With Arxx® you get  soundproofing, no more rotting of walls, no more bug infestations, an increase in security, and reduced overall costs. Morel Services experienced personnel can help you with the construction of your ICF home.

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ARXX® Corporation is a provider of green building envelope solutions that includes tested and certified Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) for building walls and foundations. ARXX currently offers a wide-range of ICF systems including ARXX® forms, PolySteel® forms and APEX™ recycled block, as well as scaffold and alignment systems, waterproofing membranes and accessories. ARXX products are used in commercial, residential and institutional construction applications to make high-performance, sustainable buildings that are safe, healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

Arxx is the number one Insulated Concrete Wall System in North America. Arxx has the most production facilities, the widest network of distributors, the best support team, and the best product. In fact, Arxx is the only Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) that provides a solid-to-solid attachment for all finishing material (like drywall, siding or brick ties). Our patented, exposed X-web is unique! Arxx is the one with the stripes.

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